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Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Articles Titles At Most Wanted on The Internet

Want to taste every article that we post on the blog one day will be a lot of reference for Internet users in the world, at least to increase their knowledge. Each keyword is searched on google search engine will point to a link to our blog.

But to find an idea and content of the blog then determine what its title? sometimes the bloggers difficulty in this regard. Including me haha, always run out of ideas to write and finally while not update the blog. But try to keep it updated because it determines our blog traffic.

Actually I am still learning in the blogosphere, there are still many who do not I understand about what is SEO? Blog ranking? Blog traffic, and others. I write also is in the context of the process of learning more about the ins and outs of the Blog.

Here's a list of article titles most widely searched on the internet :
  1. SNSD - The Boys | HD | Video Music
  2. Kumpulan Wallpaper Doraemon Lucu !
  3. Cara Membuat Account Skype
  4. Profil Lengkap SNSD | Girls Generation Profile
  5. Download Map DotA AI 6.72f Ver.1.1 New !
  6. Kumpulan Wallpaper Kucing Lucu Loh !!!
  7. Kumpulan Wallpaper Dota, Warcraft, World of Warcra...
  8. Profil Lengkap Super Junior | SUJU Profile
  9. Free Download Driver Printer Epson T20e, T30, Txx
  10. Kenapa Korupsi Sulit Diberantas di Negeri Ini ?!?

Haha sorry in advance, I took the title of the article is the title of the article on my blog the most popular this week. Indeed, during these weeks the tenth article above is the most widely searched on the internet.

Hopefully many of the umpteenth my articles that have been loaded on the internet can be useful for many people. Thank you


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