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Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Liguria, The Beauty of Italy's Other Side Not Out to Remember

Natural scenery in the area of Liguria has a beauty that deserves to be admired. Almost the whole area is mountainous and hilly regions which face the sea Tyrrhenia. Unique!

Two Areas of Liguria

Liguria is shaped like a bow is divided into two major areas, namely in the Ponente Riviera which covers the western region of Liguria. Stretches from Ventimiglia to Genoa. And Levante Riviera, which covers the East, from Genoa to La Spezia. Genoa is a regional capital with several other large cities, such as Imperia, La Spezia Sevona and each representing a province.

Ponente itself means a place on the horizon where the sun sets. Besides known by the name Li Riviera de Ponente, this area is also known as La Reviera dei Fiori (the coastline of flowering). Besides known as a tourist, cut flowers such as roses, carnations and mimosas flower is also a leading export products of Ponente. In some hillside seen olive trees and vines covered like a blanket. It looks beautiful scenery along the road at the edge of the sea because the palm trees that came from Egypt deliberately planted in the public interest.

One other area of Liguria La Riviera de Levante covers an area of ??110 miles. Addition can be achieved through land route through pine forests and bebarapa old fishing village. There is no unique museums and churches in this place. But some are so quiet fishing village to its appeal. If you are in a state of healthy body, you can also try to climb the mountain in this area

Liguria Tourist Destination.

Various types of holidays can be enjoyed in Liguria. For holidays in the city, Genoa has a special attraction for the tourists enjoyed. Some of the historic residence and residence-museum-of course a fascinating museum. Along the coastline of Liguria, you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery in the hillside villages, views of mountains or ski area in winter.

To the south of Genoa, Liguria coastal area offers beautiful scenery. Portofino may be one of them. This place is just a small port town which is famous for keeleganannya. Proceed to the area south to Santa Margherita Ligure, a resort is decorated with palm tree lined along the way. If passed on this trip, you will reach places such as Rapallo, Sestri Levante to Cinque Terre. There are about five fishing village which has a unique beauty in it.


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