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Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

How to Create a Skype Account Ver.5 Latest 2012

Asslamualaikum ... Good night all ^ ^ ... May all be healthy and good, Amen. Immediately, without a long rambling, on the subject "How to Create a Skype Account" is for the current skype account creation process is very different from what I have discussed earlier hehe ^ ^ I'm also sorry that is a bit dismissive when many readers of the blog this complaining and questioning their failure in making skype account. Once again I apologize, hehe to redeem it, below I will discuss step by step account creation process ver.5 the latest skype update 2011!. Please enjoy ...

Initial step, you must download the installation files Skype Ver.5 that measures just 1 Mb, hehe why how only 1 Mb? Hence files are only connecting to the internet to download as well as install Skype into our computer. So the conclusion we are required to connect your computer Internet (Online) to be able to install Skype Ver.5 perfectly. For now I am still trying to find a setup file that form the complete master, but I'm still confused looking at where hehehe ... Download SkypeSetup Now!

Click 2x SkypeSetup to start downloading and installing Skype Ver.5

Simply click "I Agree - Next" ...

Download and Installation Process Wait until finished Finish ^ ^

After installation is complete, it's time to create a Skype account so we can login to be able to utilize all facilities Skype. Well the difference between the old with the new Skype is in the process of making their accounts, the past, we can immediately make a skype account from the program itself, but that now when we want to create a new account skype, we will be referred directly to the Skype website at www.skype . com. Well so now almost the same as Yahoo, we are required to list registration via the Website. Okay, how? let us refer to the appearance below ... !

New Skype, such as sightings of the above! Version ...

To create a new skype account, then click "Create a new account" and then would immediately open a browser and directly leads to inter www.skype.com registration.

Website that opens like the appearance of the above! Create an account. Complete the personal data on all of the registration form completely.

Yes after all the forms filled in, Enter the appropriate code that looks like in the picture above!, Then finally click I Agree - Continue

Success!, Skype Account has been finished, and ready for us to login to Skype program ^ ^

Open the Skype program, then do the Login using the account that we just made ??^ ^

Cool! Successful login, and now we can use skype, good luck, good luck!

Writing and so I created this tutorial, may be helpful for all peers in terms of Skype Account Creation which is said to frequent breakdowns and errors hehe, I hope by following this tutorial colleagues can successfully create a skype account with success! Hopefully useful and thank you


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